Pool Openings and Closings


Our pool opening service consists of the following:

  • Removal and folding of the pool cover (we do not clean or hose off covers; we could lay it out for the customer or put it in a requested location);
  • Ladders and handrails re-installed;
  • Filter system re-assembly and start up;
  • Filter system leak inspection;
  • Pool Plumbing lines opened;
  • Removal of all plugs and gizmos from pool;
  • Installation of skimmer baskets, gauges, etc.
  • Re-installation of directional fittings, hydrotherapy fittings (if applicable) and circulation jets (if applicable);
  • Heater start-up and ignition test (if applicable);
  • Test GFCI outlets at electrical post;
  • Water treated with algaecide and shock (provided upon request – $45.00);
  • Resetting of timer or automatic controls.

POOL CLEANINGS: Pool cleanings and vacuumings are NOT part of the Pool Opening Service and are not services that we offer at this time. It is up to the homeowner to clean the pool after opening.


Request a 2018 Pool Closing

1. Blowing out and plugging all plumbing lines.

2. Winterization of filter, pump, heater.

3. Removal of ladders, rails, baskets, fittings, etc.

4. Covering the pool with the customer’s cover.

5. Disburse winter chemicals (provided upon request – $45.00).

6. Lubricate pump lid gasket.

To request a pool closing click >>HERE<<.