Automatic Sanitation

Automatic Chlorinators and Brominators

Hayward automatic chemical feeders are sized to handle the sanitizing needs of most
pools and spas. The product line consists of 9 pound and 4.2 pound chemical capacity
units which feature a large dial control valve for easy and accurate adjustment of the
chemical feed rate.


Salt Generators
Salt generators make maintaining your pool a much easier process. Many people
mistakenly believe that salt system pools do not use chlorine, but that is not the case.
Salt systems are actually chlorine generators and can dramatically reduce the amount of
chlorine your pool uses. The cell must be replaced every 3-5 years and is an easy
process that can be done by the homeowner. You may notice that the pool water has a
slightly salty taste which most people do not find objectionable. Salt systems can be
temperamental when the water is cold.


Mineral Systems
Mineral systems are a great option for pool owners looking to take a
green approach to maintaining their swimming pool. They create an
antibacterial environment by utilizing zinc and silver, which are great on
the skin and naturally inhibit bacterial growth in the water. Mineral
system pools require 1/10 of the chlorine that traditional systems need.