Aesthetic Enhancements


Waterfalls can add an extra dimension to an in-ground pool and provide
the final touch to a to a breathtaking backyard view. There are two primary
types of waterfalls; prefabricated and custom made with real boulders.
Prefabricated waterfalls can eventually fade and crack, but are less
expensive then their custom made counterparts. Custom waterfalls are
typically made from limestone or moss rock and add an elegant touch to
your backyard oasis. They tend to mesh very well with color concrete
patios. The waterfall is simply connected to the pool pump and acts as
another return for your pool. You pool pump will need to be turned on
when you want to run our waterfall. No specific electrical line will have to
be added to run your waterfall. Additional features such as slides, hide-
away coves and grottos can be incorporated into your waterfall as well.

Enhance the fun with slides for your pool. Slides come in a variety of sizes.
They can be wrapped into your waterfall or stand alone by your pool. It is
a fun and exciting way to enter your pool in style and also provide a
beautiful look to your new pool.

-Standard White Pool Lighting
Standard white pool lighting is your base model lighting setup. They are
bright and relatively inexpensive. Pool Lights provide safety and create a
nice atmosphere at night and are a great final touch for your pool.
-Color Changing Lighting
Color changing lights can be set to continuously change color or display
one color based on the mood you would like to set. They make a great
lighting upgrade, but are a little more expensive than standard lighting
and not quite as bright.
-Fiber Optic Lighting
Fiber optic lighting is similar to the color changing lighting in function.
They are weaker than any other lighting options and can be very expensive.

Spillover Spa

The spillover spa is designed to sit flush with the deck at the edge of the
pool with the water spilling over into the pool, making it a spa and waterfall
all-in-one. The spa is made of durable Luran Thermoplastic construction
with foam insulation. The spillover spa measures 78″ in diameter and is
33″ deep and comes equipped with slip resistant steps and a foot-well.
It seats 4-6 people and features 6 hydrotherapy jets, 2 air controls and
suctions and is available in both white and gray. Conveniently positioned
controls make it simple for you to just kick back and relax in your spa.

The Swim out Step, not only offers additional access to your pool in the
deep end, but also another place to sit and relax while in your pool.
Providing extra safety and enjoyment, this is a great addition to any pool
and for those who want quick and easy access from the deep end of your