Replacement Coping


This is the standard coping that comes with most pools. It is made out of aluminum and it’s colored white. It can be repainted if it is

scratched or faded. It is relatively smooth and easy on skin and bathing suits.


A huge selection of bull-nose bricks and coping stones are available to please the most discriminating tastes, but these types of

coping are very expensive. Their main advantage is their beauty. They may come loose through the years as the grout weakens,

but it can be easily repaired.


(About 50% thicker concrete over the pool wall compared to aluminum coping) The concrete is formed at the edge with special forms

that are removed after the concrete hardens. It gives the pool a more custom look. It is rougher than the aluminum coping (the most

common complaint is that it feels a little rough). It looks great with free-form pools or pools with stamped concrete deck.