Replacement decking

Broom Finished Concrete
Broom Finished Concrete is the decking option that comes standard with our pools. As the name
implies, it is a normal light gray concrete with a broom finish, for added slip resistance. Broom
finished concrete is the most economical and maintenance free option, it is attractive and practical.
One downside is that Broom Finished Concrete will stain easily and may develop cracks over time.

Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete utilizes added colors which are stamped to emulate different types of stone or
paved patios. It is sealed to lock in the colors and give it a magnificent luster. It is one of the most
visually stunning options and is one of our most popular upgrades from the standard Concrete
Decking. One downside to the Stamped Concrete Decking is that it is one of the more expensive
decking options on the market. Power washing and resealing recommended each year to help
maintain its luster.

Architectural Stamped Concrete
Architectural Stamped Concrete is very similar to stamped concrete yet there are a few key
differences. It is comprised of a single color, but unlike Stamped Concrete, Architectural Stamped
Concrete is not sealed. It also has a less shiny appearance than Stamped Concrete and is more
slip resistant.

Natural Stone

Long-lasting and versatile, concrete pavers come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Pavers
tend to be more expensive than poured concrete, but unlike poured concrete, you do not have to
wait to walk on pavers once they are in place.